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Providing Everything You Need

EARTech provides one‐stop, end‐to‐end suite of IT and communications engineering solutions to meet customers business and technology needs.


This offer will give you peace of mind, reduce complexity and provide a single‐source convenience. By being a single point‐of-contact, EARTech can provide accountability in managing partners and vendors on behalf of enterprises.

We enable our clients to become increasingly effective and to generate more value through an innovative approach to business processes, well‐integrated supporting technologies and strategic investments in people. We ensure that an organization’s impacted business components are holistically managed and led through the process of change in a manner that builds confidence and commitment to the new business model and operating environment.


Training& Internship coaching


At EARTech, we are convinced that in order to shape the future of the technology sector, it is critical to foster the development of up-and-coming talent and skill sets. By collaborating with industry-leading professionals, our internship coaching and comprehensive training programs are designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and practical experience.

Our program offers a wide range of technical workshops and foundational IT courses, guaranteeing that students of all proficiency levels can benefit. By providing internships with individualized guidance, access to cutting-edge resources, and hands-on experience with real-world projects, these programs bridge the gap between academia and business. We guarantee the readiness of our trainees and interns for the industry by employing a methodical approach that promotes excellence in their respective domains and cultivates innovation.

Place your trust in EARTech for your professional development and immerse yourself in a realm where theory becomes practical, under the guidance of a group dedicated to your achievements.

Development & Integration Services


Our highly specialized and experienced professionals deliver development and integration services
based on proven methodologies, practices, processes and tools.

EARTech business solutions include business process outsourcing, business process re‐engineering, application design, development, implementation and maintenance, ERP implementation and maintenance, and systems integration with the major ERP solutions to support the exact needs of your vertical business. Our customers are assured of exceptional project and risk management, as well as quality and price‐effective solutions.

Blockchain Developer
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Infrastructure Managements


Organizations are shifting their focus from short‐term   cost   saving to longer‐term delivery of efficiencies and gaining market share through targeted investments. To achieve this, they need experienced consultants that can support major transformation and change programs.


Many organizations   need to resolve   existing problems     before embarking on business transformation, while others are exploring new opportunities following mergers or acquisition.EARTech maintains one of the best service groups committed   to immediately respond to the business needs.

Through IT Infrastructure Management we enable our clients to focus more on their own productivity and leave the IT concerns to us. We assist them by providing a broad set of services including Cloud hosting, enterprise management, messaging & collaboration, contact center, business recovery and continuity, and managed networks and security.

Software Implementation Services


When it comes to enterprise software implementations, surprises are par for the course. EARTech can help, by monitoring the implementation from start to finish, and making sure your interests come first.

With extensive experience across diverse industries and enterprise functions, EARTech is the right partner to add value to your enterprise application implementation efforts. Our solutions incorporate industry best practices and Methodologies, with well documented processes and procedures to ensure consistency and the smooth running of your IT operations.

Our team of specially trained consultants headed by project managers with years of experience in the field of IT systems implementation will assist you in creating and implementing your business
applications so as to get the most out of them. Beginning with a detailed analysis of requirements followed by an agreed project plan incorporating clearly defined responsibilities helps to ensure a
successful systems implementation.

EARTech has the flexibility to support either a phased implementation or an enterprise wide project.

Through Implementation we facilitate a good fit between the business requirements and application capability, so you can operate with confidence that the service provider managing your IT environment is in full control.

App Developer
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Consulting Services


EARTech IT Consulting Services is steeped in thought leadership,
industry best practices, and deep domain knowledge and
technology expertise. We synchronize and fuse business strategies
and technologies, helping our customers capitalize on the rapidly
changing landscape of business opportunities and technological
advancement. We offer consulting services in business continuity,
e‐Government, strategies organization, IT service management
and IT Applications and infrastructure.

EARTech‘s consulting practice is part of a full‐service proposition
for IT and business services. Its contribution varies from point
solutions dealing with a specific requirement, through to
enterprise‐wide assignments, utilizing an international team to act
as a catalyst for change and deliver end‐to‐end transformational

EARTech’s consulting practice ensures that the complex
combination of people, process and technology management
deliver business benefits to customers across the Kingdom.

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