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InternShip Projects

Biomedical Engineering Project
Medical Image Segmentation.
Processing & Manipulating Medical Imaging.


We are excited to announce a cutting-edge project & training program at our institution, focusing on the utilization of 3D Slicer in the realm of biomedical engineering. In this program, our biomedical engineering interns are gaining invaluable hands-on experience by working with anonymized and publicly available patient DICOM data. This immersive training equips our interns with practical skills in processing and manipulating medical imaging data, enabling them to contribute effectively to the development of advanced medical solutions. Through this unique opportunity, we are fostering a new generation of experts who will drive innovation in the field of biomedical engineering while upholding the highest standards of patient privacy and data ethics.

MIS & Computer Science & Engineering
Microsoft DevOps Development Configuration and setup


This internship training is designed to provide hands-on exposure to the core principles, tools, and techniques involved in implementing a successful DevOps environment using Microsoft technologies. Through this program, you will gain practical knowledge and skills that are highly sought after in today's competitive job market.

COE & EEE Engineering Project 
Robotics & PLC Programming Development and Solutions 

Technical Training.jpg

We believe that automation should be accessible for everyone. Therefore, we conduct continuous training sessions for our internship students and for the public on the programming, setup, and operation of robotics.

Training sessions come in different levels, from basic to advanced level, and cover wide range of topics in robot arms and mobile robots.

Mechatronics Engineering Project
Gear Mechanism Optimization 


The project focuses on creating an optimized gear system using SolidWorks and MATLAB. The aim is to efficiently transfer power and rotational motion within a mechanical system while ensuring smooth meshing and structural integrity. The project involves conceptual design, 3D modeling, gear ratio calculations, stress analysis, motion simulation, MATLAB optimization, and the creation of a physical prototype. Through comprehensive documentation and presentations, the project demonstrates the successful implementation and real-world applicability of the gear mechanism.

MIS & Computer Science
Microsoft Azure Cloud Configuration and setup


We are thrilled to offer a comprehensive hands-on program focused on Microsoft Azure Cloud Configuration and Setup. This project is specifically designed to empower MIS and Computer Science professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

MIS & Computer Science & Engineering
Microsoft Azure Cloud Costing Management


This internship training offers a unique opportunity to gain real-world experience in cloud costing management, working on practical projects and solving challenges encountered in cost optimization. Participants will also have access to industry mentors, networking opportunities, and valuable insights into cloud cost management trends and practices.

Business Administration, Accounting/Finance,
Industrial Engineering , MIS & Computer Science

COBIT® 2019 Foundation Training


During this internship training, participants will delve into the core principles and concepts of COBIT® 2019, learning how to apply it in real-world scenarios. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the framework's key components, including its principles, governance and management objectives, and enablers.

Business Administration, Accounting/Finance,
Industrial Engineering , MIS & Computer Science

ITIL® Foundation Training


ITIL®, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a globally recognized framework for IT service management. It provides a comprehensive set of best practices and guidelines that organizations can adopt to align their IT services with business goals, enhance service quality, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our internship training program includes an intensive ITIL® Foundation Training, tailored to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required for effective service management. Through this training, you will gain a solid understanding of the ITIL® framework, its key concepts, and the various processes and functions involved.

All Majors Project
PMP Project Managment


PMP  is a success-oriented intense course designed to take you from the ground up to the global standards of PMI-PMP ethics and practices, while also supporting you pass the exam for the coveted PMP certification. When preparing for the PMP exam, long-term prep options are exam suicide. You need to take a course that will prep you for the exam quickly, efficiently, and ensure you sit for the exam and pass immediately following the training.

PMP Internship isn't just exam prep. Aside from the prep tools like online self-study, practice tests and application assistance, we'll ensure your eligibility, help you through the application/audit process, and ensure you are fully prepared to pass the PMP on your first attempt!

Business Administration, Accounting/Finance,
Industrial Engineering, MIS & Computer Science

ERP System implementation. 
Microsoft Dynamics D365 FO ERP & CRM


Our training program is designed to provide a holistic understanding of the entire implementation lifecycle. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, engage in requirement gathering sessions, participate in system design and architecture discussions, and contribute to the successful deployment of the ERP system.

Business Administration, Accounting/Finance,
Industrial Engineering , MIS & Computer Science

Digital Transformation Training


We are delighted to offer an internship training program focused on equipping aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive digital transformation initiatives.

Our internship training program is designed to provide hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the principles and practices of digital transformation. Through this immersive program, interns will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned industry experts, gaining insights into real-world digital transformation projects and emerging technologies.

Mechatronics & Industrial Engineering Project 
Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm

OIP (9).jpeg

The project sets out to design an innovative desktop robotic arm controlled through hand gestures, promising to add value to the user experience. It carefully incorporates stages of functional design, technical analysis, and prototyping, utilizing various skills and technological approaches. The success of this initiative could herald a new era in accessible robotics, enhancing efficiency and providing multiple utilities in diverse fields.

All Related Information Technology Majors
TV & Media Broadcast Information Technology


Broadcast IT is the combination of IT and Media Broadcast. Broadcast IT utilizes high-end workstations and servers with highspeed communication medium, such as fiber to distribute video and audio to all possible devices such as above, including smart TV and high-end mobile devices. Broadcast IT utilizes high processors and dedicated video cards to distribute video and audio to the masses via satellite and internet, based on high-end software application dedicated to process video and audio files and streams.

MIS & Computer Science & Engineering 
Operation Support & Monitoring with ManageEngine platform

Monitoring Room

Our internship training program focuses on providing you with practical knowledge and experience in IT operation support and monitoring, specifically utilizing the powerful ManageEngine platform. ManageEngine offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline IT operations, monitor networks, manage assets, and proactively address IT challenges.

Biomedical Engineering Project Smart Safety Helmet with TU Chemnitz Germany 

Screenshot 2023-05-25 160154.png

We are excited to present our latest project collaboration, combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Our startup has joined forces with TU Chemnitz Germany to develop an embedded control and data acquisition system for a smart safety helmet, leveraging the power of ESP32.

Business Administration, Accounting/Finance,
Industrial Engineering , MIS & Computer Science

Prosci Change Management Training


We are thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for interns to participate in Prosci Change Management Training, a program designed to equip aspiring professionals with valuable skills in managing organizational change. Change management has become an essential competency in today's dynamic business environment, and this training will provide interns with a solid foundation to navigate and drive successful change initiatives.

During the internship training program, participants will delve into the principles and methodologies of Prosci Change Management, a globally recognized approach that focuses on people-centric change strategies. Through a combination of interactive workshops, case studies, and practical exercises, interns will learn how to effectively plan, communicate, and implement change within organizations.

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