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Engineering Internship

İstanbul, Turkey

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

This role involves actively engaging in diverse IT projects, participating in brainstorming sessions, undertaking pertinent research, and working collaboratively to meet set milestones. Join us in shaping the future of IT across regions like the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.


  • A 3rd or 4th-year student or master's degree candidate specializing in Software, Computer, Electronics, or any other relevant engineering field.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Familiarity or interest in Information Technology and related software tools.

  • Robust presentation and analytical capabilities.

  • An unwavering thirst for knowledge, dynamism, and a keen attitude to grasp and adapt.


-Collaborate with our adept engineering and IT international teams on diverse projects.
-Infuse and implement engineering concepts to tackle real-world challenges.
-Actively engage in team deliberations and innovative brainstorming sessions.
-Undertake research, gather and scrutinize data to bolster project objectives.
-Work synergistically with fellow interns and team members to achieve project milestones.

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