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Internship Program

Explore Our Internship Program for College Students in Engineering and Information Technology, including Biomedical, Electrical Engineering, Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Science (CS), Business Administration (BA), Accounting, and Industrial Engineering.

Internship Program

Do you aspire to gain real-world experience and collaborate with experts in the field? Join our exclusive Student Internship Bootcamp at EARTech in Istanbul!

In this comprehensive Internship Bootcamp:
✔ Benefit from the option to attend either online or onsite.
✔ Be required to maintain a 90% attendance rate to gain the full experience.
✔ Receive the schedule at the beginning of February.
✔ All students must be competent in the English language.

What's in it for you?
✔ An enriching environment to develop your skills.
✔ Opportunities to engage in hands-on projects.
✔ Networking with seasoned professionals and peers.
✔ An Attendance Completion Certificate linked to your LinkedIn profile, accredited by EARTech, a Turkish company.

Additionally, you will learn:
✔ Career Planning: Navigate your professional development.
✔ Professional Imaging: Enhance your profile with the right photos.
✔ LinkedIn Proficiency: Optimize your professional networking.
✔ Interview Skills: Master the art of interviews.
✔ Resumes & Cover Letters: Craft applications that get noticed.
✔ Job Search Strategies: Find the right opportunities efficiently.
✔ Networking: Build a global professional network.
✔ Cybersecurity Fundamental: Protect digital assets.
✔ DevOps Principles&Lab: Integrate development with operations.
✔ QA Code Testing: Ensure software quality.
✔ Project Management: Lead projects to success.
✔ IT Frameworks: Learn ITIL and COBIT essentials.
✔ Change Management: Manage and adapt to change effectively.

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