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Modern Architecture

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Modern Architecture

In need of skilled IT intern or teams? EARTechIT is your go-to for connecting with the talent that meets your specific needs, whether for projects, ongoing support, or team expansion. Our Service facilitates an effortless search and match process, enabling efficient collaborations and successful results. 

Explore Skills and Positions Available

Hiring an Intern is great for growing your team or working on a project

Call Center Headset

Help Desk Agent

Provides support for IT-related issues, helping users with computer, software, or hardware problems. They answer queries, troubleshoot, and resolve or escalate issues, ensuring smooth IT operations

Backend Developer

Software Tester 

Assesses software to find bugs and ensure quality before it's released. They run tests, document issues, and work with developers to fix them, aiming for smooth and functional software.

Monitoring Room

Monitoring Agent 

Tracks and analyzes system performance and security, alerting to issues or breaches. They ensure systems run efficiently and securely, maintaining optimal operation

Code on Laptop Computer

DevOps &GitHub Administrator

Manages software development and deployment processes, integrating DevOps practices and overseeing GitHub repositories. They ensure smooth CI/CD pipelines and maintain code version control, optimizing collaboration and efficiency

Designer On Computer

PowerBI Developer Administrator 

Designs, develops, and maintains Power BI solutions, ensuring robust data reporting and visualization. They manage databases, create reports and dashboards, and oversee the Power BI environment, enhancing data-driven decision-making.


Power Automate Developer Administrator 

Designs and implements automation workflows using Power Automate, streamlining business processes and improving efficiency. They manage the automation environment, ensuring seamless integration and operation of automated tasks.

UAV Control Center

Security Operation Center (SOC) Agents 

Monitor and analyze an organization's security posture, detecting, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity threats. They ensure the integrity and protection of IT infrastructure and data, maintaining continuous vigilance against potential security breaches.

Product Developer

Junior Developer 

Assists in the design, development, and maintenance of software applications under the guidance of senior developers. They write code, debug issues, and learn to implement new technologies, contributing to the development team while enhancing their programming skills.

Engineer Working on Machinery

Microsoft Azure Engineers

Design, implement, and manage solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. They ensure the cloud infrastructure's performance, scalability, and security, working with services like virtual machines, databases, and networks to support an organization's IT needs.

Why Choose EArtechIT?

Bypass the complexities and costs of hiring globally; EArtechIT streamlines your international team expansion effortlessly.


Fully Remote 


24/7 Support


Fixed Payment Structure

Man Working


Competitive Pricing


Flexible Scheduling


Global Reach

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